Flash Electrical is a locally owned business that began in 1991. Because of their industry expertise and knowledge they have grown to be Motueka’s largest firm of electricians. Flash Electrical has now expanded to Nelson with a new team of electricians operating out of Nelson.
Flash Electrical has several departments each looking after specific needs for clients. Our I.T. and Security team have an excellent product knowledge with latest technologies from security cameras with cloud based recording to data protection. The industrial team has extremely experienced industrial electricians from a selection of backgrounds. Some have come from large plants as fault electricians and others have grown up locally with extensive knowledge of the area and the systems currently in place. Our industrial team offer a 24 hour call out to our clients. Each electrician is given a certain number of sites to manage directly. This allows for familiarity of our client’s site and a better service for our clients. Our domestic team looks after the day to day needs of house owners. Be it replacing filters in a smart vent system or wiring a new architectural designed house.

Flash Electrical Team 2022